Tech Ed 2006 Boston

Tech Ed 2006 in Boston is in full swing and I am getting some good info on all the stuff MS has in the pipeline.

All of the WinFX technologies have been announced as being renamed as the .NET Framework
3.0 (still based on the 2.0 CLR), this includes:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
  • Windows CardSpace (WCS) (previously known as InfoCard)

A few things I’ve picked up:

  • Team System is looking more and more interesting. The newly released Visual
    Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals
    also looks very cool.
  • Mark Russinovich and David Solomon
    from sysinternals are funny as hell and
    Filemon and Regmon are much handier than I thought. They will be merged into one utlity
    (Filemon and Regmon not Mark and Dave) and released for free in two weeks.
  • Windows Workflow Foundation (i mean .Net 3?) is really, really cool stuff and I need
    to get deep with it right away.
  • Click once (or 2 or 3 times in reality) is pretty limited and can get messy pretty
    quickly when you try do do anything slighlty complex.
  • The memory managment and profiling tools provided in Visual Studio are ok, and combined
    with a few of the SDK utilities can tackle most of your common problems. I would still
    take MemProfiler any day.
  • The Enterprise Patterns team really like pair programming as part of their overall
    Agile methodology.

I posted a few pics.

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