Some New Essentials

ReSharper by JetBrians integrates
directly into Visual Studio and provides
coding assistance, real-time
error highlighting, and refactoring. Don’t know how I used to work without it.

Apex SQL Edit is a nice alternative
to Query Analyser with integration with source safe, Intellisenseand
Sql formatting.

Borland Together for Visual
Studio .NET has proved to be very useful providing audits for C# projects and UML
modeling that is always in sync with your code.

devMetrics is
a free tool that among other things provides metrics on various aspects of your code.
Useful for measuring the cyclomatic code complexity of your members, and flagging
potential areas that need some refactoring.
Gemini is an ASP.NET based issue
tracking program which I have been evaluating. Free for < 10 users or for Open
Source projects.

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